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This is Vignesh, a Third-year computer science student and a multitasker to do anything in a cool way. I have got inspired more about technologies especially computers, it is a valuable gift by technology to improve the technology.

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what i do
Web Development
Technical Instructor
Building Communities

technical skills

• Platform : Linux, Windows & macOS.

• Programming language: C, Java, JavaScript.

• Technical/Programmatic : Data Structures and Algorithms, Web Development, Cloud Computing (AWS).

• Android Development : React Native.

• Web Development (Full-stack):

- Serverside/Backend: Node Js, Express JS, Gateway Integration, API Integration.

- Clientside/Frontend : HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, React.js, Redux.

- Database : MongoDB, MySQL, Dynamo-DB.

• Cloud : AWS, AWS EC2, AWS Lambda, S3 Bucket, CI/CD Pipeline.

• DevOps and Other Tools : Git Version-control, GitHub.

• Project Management: Agile.

Web Development
React Native
Problem solving
DevOps & Tools

Web Projects
Jul-Sep 2021
E-Learning Android App for Karpagam College

( In-Production Application Link )

KCEspot App
500+ Downloads
Jan-Mar 2021
Student Chat-forum using Web Sockets

( In-Production Web-app Link )

Aug-Dec 2020
Email Subscription and admin panel config

( In-Production Web-app Link )

Stumonk Web Solutions
Nov-Dec 2020
Monitoring customer data using Real-time Charts

( In-Production Application Link )

Nov 2020
Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

( In-Production Web-app Link )


Oct 2021 — Present
Building Side Project (Part-Time) Qudo Creations

Sep 2021 — Present
Founder & Lead Developer (Part-Time) KCEspot

Jan 2021 — Jun 2021
Frontend Web Developer (Intern) Milpitas Golden knights

• Worked with WordPress to build the website for a Non-profit Organization.
• Worked with people in the leading MNC (Including Google).

Aug 2020 — Dec 2020
Software Engineer (Intern) Stumonk Web Solutions

• Worked with many tools and technologies to build stumonk web app.
• I have mentioned the skills which I have used to make this website.

Faciliator in Workshops

    • - Hands-on Cloud Computing with Microsoft Azure Workshop, April 20, 2021
    • - Develop and Deploy website using Azure and Visual Studio Code, May 29, 2021
    • - Build your first Web-app with React.js and Visual Studio Code, June 26, 2021
    • -Develop your First Web-Application with Node.js and Visual Studio Code, July 23, 2021
    • -Develop Corona Virus Tracker using React.js and VScode, Sep 3, 2021
    • -How to Become MLSA, Nov 20, 2021
    • -How to build application on Cloud and How to Become MLSA, Nov 27, 2021


    • -1st Prize In Mobile Photography in BIT Pre-Engineering Training fest.
    • -Microsoft Beta Student Partner Among 400+ MSP In INDIA

Available for Freelance Projects.

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